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Chiste matemático
-¿Qué es un niño complejo?
-Uno con la madre real y el padre imaginario.
...Ahora que venga Zuviëh y nos lo explique ;-)

Actually, it is quite easy to use
So for new bloggers the click and drag template shuffling and the colour combination etc shall be great.

I haven't tried yet to see how the HTML can be used, or if it's even possible yet -I had a quick glance and not much to see.

Will this be the end of our hours of HTML intensive self-taught trials and errors?

In any case, it does feel easy and smooth. Have Blogger problems started to fade away?
I had seen at the Blogger Help group that a few had commited the same mistake as me: not realized they had the same username and password at the original blogger as the Beta Blogger (that is linked to the google account).

I couldn't get back into this blog for exactly that same reason.

But hey, don't panic and go for a proper lunch: After getting my glucose level back to normal, I found the way round: modify the password on the google account and ta-da! you can access either, as the different passwords seem to help not re-directing from one to the other.
Beta Posting
Just checking out Blogger Beta and seeing if it's as good as expected.
Haven't been able to investigate if it's going to be appliable to regular Blogger blogs, which is where our main blogs are... Any news around there?


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